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Zest partners with Tickhill Town Council to deliver electric vehicle charging points

Peter Walker, Mayor and Chairman of Tickhill Town Council, with Robin Heap, CEO at Zest

New electric vehicle charge points have been switched on in Tickhill’s St Marys Road car park, thanks to a partnership between charging infrastructure specialist Zest and Tickhill Town Council. Tickhill, a market town near Doncaster, is the first Council in the North of England to secure Zest investment in public charge points, which are vital to support the switch to electric cars.   

The Tickhill charge points are provided, operated, and maintained by Zest meaning there are no costs or operational overheads for the Council. As part of the Council’s initiative to work with local businesses, Zest engaged Jones Electrics of Doncaster to carry out the installation works and deploy infrastructure. EV charge points are a proven way for towns to help attract visitors, shoppers, and new businesses alike. 

Based in Leeds, Zest is a fast-growing company investing in public charge points for public and private landowners across the UK, backed by the government’s Charging Infrastructure Investment Fund (CIIF). Zouk Capital is the manager of the CIIF, the dedicated fund established by the UK Government in 2019 and backed by HM Treasury to help develop public charging infrastructure points for electric vehicles throughout the UK.  

There are already half a million electric cars on the road today in the UK, with 2022 seeing the biggest rise yet in the number of vehicle registrations. In May alone these made up over 12% of all new car registrations. The growth in EV ownership will only accelerate as the end of new petrol and diesel car sales in 2030 draws closer. However, nearly 40% of people don’t have an appropriate place to charge at home, so access to public charging infrastructure will become increasingly important. 

Peter Walker, Mayor and Chairman of Tickhill Town Council said: “Tickhill Town Council are excited to be leading the way in embracing the future of electric vehicles by bringing public charging points into the town. It’s a real win for us to have secured investment from Zest to provide, install and run these EV charging points. and it shows our appetite for embracing new technologies to help secure the future prosperity of the town.” 

In the car park, four out of the 54 spaces are now easy-access EV charging spaces. The fast chargers run on 100% renewable energy and at speeds that match the typical length of stay. Charging sessions and payments are through the Zest app which also provides access to customer support. 

“We’re delighted to join forces with Tickhill Town Council to deploy this vital long-term infrastructure” said Zest CEO, Robin Heap. “We believe that by taking action today to improve access to public charging, we can democratise EV adoption and help create a sustainable zero carbon future for everyone.” 

Massimo Resta, Partner at Zouk Capital, manager of the CIIF added, “CIIF is proud to be supporting Zest in their mission to make a shift to EV’s a realistic option for everyone and in reducing EV charger disparity across the UK. The Tickhill charge points are just the beginning”.