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Liberty Charge completes integration with Paua to provide business access to

Liberty Charge, the UK’s fastest growing Electric Vehicle (EV) charge point operator, has completed integration with Paua, providing Paua users with access to Liberty Charge’s 650 charge point sockets.

Paua is a leading payment provider for businesses to access and benefit from EV charging, providing access to the UK’s largest network of aggregated charge point networks. With over 20 networks aggregated into a network of 19,000+ charge point connectors, drivers have huge choice of charging solutions.

Liberty Charge provides a fully-financed solution including all charge point speeds for publicly accessible EV charging. Its street-level micro hubs level the playing fields for those without access to driveway charging opportunities. Business drivers will now be able to access these locations via the Paua card (tap and go) backed up by the powerful mobile app that shows live status across the networks, as well as providing charging updates.

Liberty Charge recently highlighted the chronic under-resourcing of local authority EV infrastructure and associated plans. With only two thirds of authorities with a plan and only 14% with a dedicated EV infrastructure resource, it is clear that there are important challenges that remain to be addressed.

“Liberty Charge offers a truly end-to-end privately funded solution, including the full range of charging speeds. Working with Paua ensures that we cater for businesses as well as local residents. We are excited to see what this partnership can do to support British businesses’ transition to zero emissions transport,” said Neil Isaacson, CEO of Liberty Charge.

Niall Riddell, Co-Founder CEO of Paua, says: “Paua is delighted to be working with Liberty Charge on this journey. This continues to confirm Paua’s position as the largest roaming network in the UK. We look forward to supporting fleets of all shapes and sizes onto our roaming platform.”

Liberty Charge’s network is entirely renewably powered, aligning to Paua’s ambition to ensure that all drivers receive 100% renewable Paua whilst charging with the Paua card.