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zouk Solar Opportunities Limited Raises €52M to Invest in Solar Infrastructure Projects

zouk today announces the launch of zouk Solar Opportunities Limited (“zSOL”), a closed-ended investment company. zSOL will be managed by zouk and will develop and own a portfolio of solar power projects in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

zSOL will provide investment equity in a diversified portfolio of solar projects in areas where optimal conditions, regulatory support and tariff structures create a suitable investment profile. zSOL will target projects in their development phase that utilize proven solar technologies with an initial focus on solar photovoltaic plants. zSOL has already identified a pipeline of suitable projects and is looking to build approximately 40MW within the next 12 months.

Colin Campbell, the zouk Partner dedicated to infrastructure, said, “zSOL’s focus on solar infrastructure projects represents a significant investment opportunity. This is an exciting time for solar with strong regulatory and financial support, rapid capacity growth and on-going technological advances.”

Samer Salty, CEO of zouk, commented, “zouk has developed solid expertise in the industry with investments in solar technology and distribution companies. zSOL will allow us to leverage our knowledge in the solar space and take advantage of solar infrastructure opportunities.”

John Mapplebeck, Non-Executive Chairman of zSOL, said, “I am pleased to say that zSOL was oversubscribed in raising an initial €52m. This will allow us to take advantage of a strong project pipeline and is particularly encouraging given that we intend raising follow-on funding with a full listing next year. I look forward to working with Colin and the rest of the zouk team to make zSOL a success.”
About zouk Solar Opportunities Limited:

zouk Solar Opportunities Limited (“zSOL”) is a €52m closed-ended investment company managed by zouk. The main role of zSOL is origination, development and ownership of solar infrastructure projects. zSOL will build approximately 40MW within the next 12 months and will target projects in their development phase in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.
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