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ip.access team up with T-Mobile Poland on customer analytics

ip.access and T-Mobile Poland, have today announced the successful completion of a Proof of Concept focussed around delivering enhanced retail based customer analytics.

The first stage of this activity saw T-Mobile install PRESENCETM sensors in retail stores in Warsaw. The solution enables T-Mobile to recognise subscribers as they enter the store. Since there are more than 5 million T-Mobile subscribers with opt-in consents the amount of data analysed thanks to ip.access PRESENCETM sensors is tremendous and there is no other player on the market that can provide such complex analysis on the market at this moment.

From a retail perspective, PRESENCETM sensors gather rich analytical data which provide retailers with actionable consumer behaviour insights, as well as the ability to provide personalised marketing promotions when entering selected areas.  Importantly the technology does not require any handset modifications or applications, nor does it need Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to be switched on, making it a universal solution.

T-Mobile has been also evaluating how to enhance mobile subscribers experience within their own points of sales located in Poland, and the ip.access PRESENCETM service provides the most insight, accuracy and ease of deployment. The PRESENCETM sensors fit within the operator’s privacy and permissions frameworks. The high quality data captured by the PRESENCETM sensor provides T-Mobile with intelligence in a uniquely valuable way.

Michal Krauze, Business Lead Data Monetisation for T-Mobile commented, “We have been assessing a variety of solutions to enable us to serve our B2B retail customers with better insights. However only ip.access accomplished this task and helped us with harnessing data on a geographical level that was not accessible before – inside any retail store.”

"This innovative collaboration is particularly exciting for us, as it's the first proof point within T-Mobile for this high value monetisation model." explains Malcolm Gordon, CEO at ip.access. "We look forward to co-operating further with the T-Mobile Group as they expand their PRESENCETM sensor derived offerings” adds Gordon.

About ip.access

Headquartered in the United Kingdom, ip.access originates the best-in-class wireless solutions that maximise the value of radio and data assets via disruptive business models.  The company has products and solutions live in over 100 customers’ networks around the world.

ip.access has an end-to-end deployment philosophy that integrates its PRESENCETM sensors and small cell access points of all technologies with data management platforms, access gateways and comprehensive network management and performance tools. With a strong track record of working with trusted partners on integrated solutions, both product and services led, ip.access unlocks spectrum value for all its customers.

A service that empowers you to monetise location data across the broadest set of use cases such as Retail Footfall, Outdoor Digital Media, Events, Card Payment Verification, Transport, Smart Buildings and Geo-fencing delivered against a robust Privacy, Permissions & Policy framework.

Irrespective of your data set requirements [licensed spectrum, unlicensed or BLE], we have a proven solution which delivers rapid ROI and the ability to open up new markets and revenue streams.

As part of the ip.access portfolio of products, PRESENCETM has delivered excellence in the field of micro proximity having been selected as sole vendor for a number of Global Telco, Financial Services, Retail and IoT customers.