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Zooplus goes public on Frankfurt Stock Exchange

Zooplus AG, a leading internet supplier for pet products in Europe (food and accessories), went public today. The Listing took place on the Entry Standard, part of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Zooplus was founded in 1999. In the last financial year (2007) the company’s turnover was €55.4m, an increase of more than 40% on the average for each of the last 3 years. Zooplus generated net income of €626k in 2007 and employed 51 people. So far, the company’s business model has been successfully introduced to 13 countries, including Germany, UK, France, Benelux and Austria.

The product range is mainly based around pet food as well as accessories. In addition to the range of 7,000 products, Zooplus offers an online vet consultation service and community forum, Zooclub, where likeminded people can chat about their experiences and ask pet related questions.
Pet products are a very important market segment in the European retail industry. In 2006, pet food and pet accessories generated approximately €17bn of sales.

Dr Cornelius Patt, CEO and co- founder of Zooplus, commented on the IPO: “In 1999, Zooplus was just an attempt to see whether it was possible to sell pet food online, directly to the customer. Now, we are making revenues of more than €50m. We are a very strong, fast growing player, with sustained success and ambitious plans for expansion. Therefore, going public was a logical move for us, raising awareness of Zooplus’ success to higher levels.”

Felix von Schubert, Partner at zouk ventures and non-executive Chairman of Zooplus explained: “It is great to support an investment from business plan stage to IPO. The team at Zooplus have done very well in developing the company into Europe’s leading specialist internet retailer. It is the consequent use of technology in all aspects of the business that has helped the team in creating such a rapidly growing and profitable company.”

Zooplus AG

Zooplus AG is Europe's largest internet retailer specialising in high quality pet food and pet accessories. The company is active in over 13 countries and has achieved market leadership through intelligent marketing, continuous focus on operational execution, and a state-of-the-art logistics system.
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