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Zouk invests in three high-growth cleantech companies

Zouk Capital LLP (“Zouk”) is pleased to announce three new cleantech investments totaling more than €40 million from its latest fund, Cleantech Europe II. The fund closed earlier this year at €230 million and is Europe’s largest fund dedicated to growth capital investment in cleantech companies.

The first company, FFK Environment GmbH (“FFK”), uses proprietary technology to produce refuse-derived fuel (RDF) from multiple waste sources. This recycled fuel is a valuable method of reducing the carbon footprint of high emission industries (e.g. power and cement).  The company is well established in Germany and is the country’s largest exporter of RDF to Poland. Zouk Partner Dr Alois Flatz has joined FFK’s board to support the company’s ambitious growth strategy while maintaining its regional leadership.

The second business, OZZ Electric Inc. (“OZZ”), is a full-service energy efficiency and electrical contractor in Canada. In partnership with OZZ Solar, the company offers commercial customers installation services for energy efficiency and solar technologies. Zouk’s investment will support OZZ’s continued growth driven through its contracting business, which is focused on solar installation, building management systems and smart meter rollout. Zouk Partner Anthony Fox joins the company’s board.

Finally, Zouk has invested in va-Q-tec AG (“va-Q-tec”) a global leader in advanced thermal insulation. Based in Germany, va-Q-tec designs and produces vacuum insulation panels used in refrigeration, packaging, cold-chain logistics, construction and automotive applications. va-Q-tec’s products perform up to ten times better on energy efficiency than conventional insulation materials and are applicable in a wide variety of industries. Zouk’s equity and expertise will help the company to develop its product offering and continue to expand its blue chip global customer base. The addition of Christopher Hoffmann, Zouk Principal, to the board will help the company achieve this growth plan.

Samer Salty, CEO of Zouk Capital, said:

“We are extremely pleased with this round of investments in high growth companies for Cleantech Europe II. Waste to fuel, insulation and energy efficiency technologies play key roles in driving the transition to a global low carbon economy: FFK, OZZ and va-Q-tec are leaders in these respective sectors. Through our active management strategy, extensive industry network and sector expertise, Zouk will help FFK, OZZ and va-Q-tec to realise their full potential and expand into global markets.”