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va-Q-tec: World Economic Forum 2013 Technology Pioneer

va-Q-tec AG today announced its selection by the World Economic Forum as a 2013 Technology Pioneer, citing the company’s innovations vacuum insulation technology. The World Economic Forum selected its 2013 Technology Pioneers in the areas of energy and environment, information technology, telecommunications and new media, and life sciences and health, based on demonstrative vision and leadership in their fields, innovative ideas and approaches, and their impact on society and business.

"va-Q-tec is delighted and honored to be selected as a Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum," said va-Q-tec CEO Joachim Kuhn. "By redefining the scope of advanced thermal insulation using our vacuum insulation panels, va-Q-tec is creating energy efficient and mission-critical solutions in multiple industries. We are particularly proud of our commercial progress in high-end appliances and temperature controlled logistics. This award is a tribute to the advances we have made in product innovation over recent years."

va-Q-tec designs and produces vacuum insulation panels used in refrigeration, packaging, cold-chain logistics, construction and automotive applications.  The company’s patent-protected products perform up to ten times better on energy efficiency than conventional insulation materials, saving up to 80% in energy consumption. As va-Q-tec’s panels are particularly light-weight, thin and flexible they are applicable in a wide variety of industries. The company also provides heat & cool storage elements containing phase change materials which enhance insulation performance. va-Q-tec has manufacturing sites in Germany as well as service and operations sites in the UK and South Korea.